Birdhouse in 2004

Overview growth young one's can be seen by clicking on this link.

June 4th

The 3 birds left the birdhouse between 7:08 and 7:17 hr.

June 3th

The 3 birds left, are doing well.

June 2nd

The 4 birds left, are doing well. One off them just looked outside the birdhouse. About 22 hr number 6 died

June 1st

5 birds died till now, so 4 birds left.

May, 31th

Al nine young birds are still alive, but very hungry. Due to rain, feeding is not going fast.


The female titmouse can bee seen left-below!

In the evening 7 titmice are alive

May, 30th

The little ones are very hungry.

May, 29th

De male bird stopped feeding, but the female bird continues feeding.


May, 28th

May, 27th

1st photo: Both patents try to pick the excrement of one of the young one's.
2nd photo: The female bird is sleeping above the young one's.


May, 26th


May, 25th

May, 24th

Second picture: a young one is sitting next to the nest.


May, 23th

Al green caterpillar is brought by the male titmouse.


May, 22th

May, 21th

One young one can be seen on the first picture.


May, 20th

All 9 young ones can be seen on one image, 7 open beak and 2 closed beaks. The female bird is digging in the nest, she is searching for vermin.


May, 19th

8 of the 9 young one's.

May, 18th

May, 17th

May, 16th

First photo: feeding the young-ones. Second photo: the male birds gives food for the little birds to the female bird.
At 14:40 hr again a little one was born (number 8 or 9).


May, 15th

Young titmouse's.

The first one was born 8.30 hr.The second 9.26 hr, third one 9.59 hr, 4th at 11:01 hr, 5th at 11:48 hr, 6e at 12:45 hr.


May, 11th - May, 14th

No special information.

May, 10th

See brooding table.

The titmouse turns the egg every 20 till 30 minutes, the time is printed in hour and minutes.

May, 8th - May, 9th

The red thread is replaced often by the titmouse

May, 4th - May, 7th

No special information.

May, 3th

9th egg in birdhouse. The Titmouse started brooding early in the morning.


April, 26th - May, 2nd

2nd till 8th egg in birdhouse
The moment that the titmouse is laying an egg on April 28th can be seen on the first image.The second image is made on May 2nd. 6 eggs are visible.


April, 25th

First egg in birdhouse is seen in the red circle.


April, 24th

Female titmouse sleeps for the second night in birdhouse.


April, 23th

April, 22th

April, 20th

The nest at 8 o'clock and 14 o'clock.


April, 19th

The female bird tries to enter the birdhouse with a huge bough, it doesn't fit...

April, 18th

The female bird is fed by the male bird.

April, 17th

April, 16th

April, 15th


April, 14th

Building the nest is continued, 22 times a titmouse visited the birdhouse.

April 13th

Building the nest by the titmouse's has started !


April, 10th

Two couples of titmice's visit the birdhouse. The first titmouse shoos away the second one.

A video of these titmouse's has been made (549 kb)


March, 28th

First photo at daylight of a titmouse in the birdhouse. The sunlight is enough for a reasonable clear picture.

March, 27th

First picture with a new colour camera. These pictures have been made in the evening, using 4 leds for lightning the birdhouse.


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