The birth of six Parus Majors in a birdhouse in 2000

The birdhouse has been cleaned and is hanging in a tree
April, 8 th the Parus Major starts building a nest in the birdhouse
April, 19 th six eggs are laid
The female bird is breeding on the nest
One month later (May, 9 th) sixt titmouse's are creeping out of their egg
Daddy Parus Major gives a caterpillar to mum for the little birds
Mum feeds one of the little birds
May, 20 th five of the young ones made it, twenty days old
May, 29 th is the big day
At eight o'clock in the evening the little birds are leaving the birdhouse
It's a strange world outside the birdhouse
Where are the others?
Till next year!
In the article about birdhouses on this site is written how to make a birdhouse

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