A fight between 2 great tits in a birdhouse

In the spring 2003, March 28th. a video tape has been made of 2 fighting female titmouse's in a birdhouse.
The moment the fight began, I wasn't at home, but a videotape was recording the bird activities. The fight was about 7 minutes. On this page a few fragments can be seen. Both titmouse's survived the fight.

Start fight (1452 kb - 32 seconds)

Fighting (782 kb -17 secondes)

Trying to escape / titmouse pulses the leg of the other titmouse (1482 kb - 32 secondes)

March, 28th.

A fight of 7 minutes in the birdhouse

10.13 hr. the titmouse looks towards the flight hole and is fighting in a few moments


Within 10 minutes this is the result, lots of feathers are laying on the bottom of the birdhouse.

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