Strange nests of titmice

Titmice not only roast and sleep in birdhouses and tree holes, they also use rain pipes, letter-boxes etc.

The following strange places, used by titmice I collected till now.

The canon of forester Joop Doornbosch

Foto Johannes Dalhuijsen   Foto Johannes Dalhuijsen

In a flowerpot


First photo: a titmouse on flowerpot with the nest
Second photo the nest, left by the young birds. One young bird died.

In a traffic light

Foto: Frank Lane Picture Agency. Wisniewski

In a kettle

Foto van Freddy Schinkel (

Photo: Freddy Schinkel (

In an unused waterpump

Of: Dhr. P. Reitsma /Ferwert. 


In an earthenware jar

Photo: Marjan Spronk / Bilthoven
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