Use of a birdhouse from October 2004 till April 2005

Titmouse's use birdhouses form April till June for raising young one's.

In the autumn en winter the birdhouse is used by titmouses to sleep in it.

Since October, 10th. 2004 a titmouse regulary slept in my birdhouse. Every day I check the presence of the titmouse. With a camera mounted in the birdhouse, the presence of the titmouse can be checked easily.

1st picture A Sleeping titmouse in the birdhouse on March, 17th. 2004, the picture has been made with an infrared camera
2nd picture The titmouse on March 27th, the picture has been made with a color camera.

October 2004 till april 2005

  • not in birdhouse: 1 to 9 October, 19 October 2004 to
  • in birdhouse: 10 to 18 October 2004

The arrival and leaving times of the titmouse have been checked several times :

Date        leaving Arriving  Time outside  Sunrise  Sunset
             time     time     birdhouse      time    time
             hr        hr       hr             hr      hr

15 October   7:52     18:37    10:45          8:05    18:44
18 October   7:55     18:32    10:37          8:10    18:38

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