Overview of all 200 of birds in the bird quiz

Bar-tailed Godwit (Male) Fieldfare Northern Sparrow Hawk (Male)
Barn Owl Firecrest Northern Sparrow Hawk (Female)
Barnacle Goose Gadwall (Male) Northern Wheatear
Bearded Reedling (Male) Gadwall (Female) Palaearctic Oystercatcher
Bearded Reedling (Female) Garganey (Male) Penduline Tit * (Male)
Black Coot Garganey (Female) Peregrine Falcon *
Black Redstart (Male) Glaucous Gull * Pied Avocet
Black Redstart (Female) Goldcrest Pied Flycatcher (Female)
Black Woodpecker * Golden Oriole * (Male) Pied White Wagtail
Black-billed Magpie Golden Oriole * (Female) Purple Heron
Black-headed Gull Goosander (Female) Purple Sandpiper
Black-necked Grebe Great Cormorant Red Crossbill (Male)
Black-tailed Godwit Great Crested Grebe Red-backed Shrike (Male)
Blackbird (Male) Great Egret Redpoll (Male)
Blackbird (Female) Great Grey Shrike Redpoll (Female)
Blackcap (Male) Great Spotted Woodpecker (Male) Redwing
Blue Tit Great Spotted Woodpecker (Female) Reed Bunting (Male)
Bluethroat (Male) Great Tit (Male) Reed Bunting (Female)
Bohemian Waxwing Great Tit (Female) Reed Warbler
Brambling (Male) Greater Black-backed Gull River Kingfisher
Brent Goose Greater Scaup * (Male) Rook
Canada Goose Greater Scaup (Female) Rose-ringed Parakeet (Male)
Carrion Crow Green Woodpecker Rose-ringed Parakeet * (Female)
Cattle Egret Green-winged Teal (Male) Ruddy Turnstone
Chaffinch (Male) Green-winged Teal (Female) Sand Martin
Chaffinch (Female) Grey Heron Sanderling
Chiff-chaff Grey Partridge (Male) Sandwich Tern *
Coal Tit Grey Partridge (Female) Savi's Warbler
Collared Dove Grey Plover * Short-eared Owl
Common Goldeneye (Male) Greylag Goose Short-toed Treecreeper
Common Goldeneye (Female) Hawfinch Smev * (Male)
Common House Martin Herring Gull Smev * (Female)
Common Kestrel (Male) Hoopoe Snow Bunting (Male)
Common Kestrel (Female) House Sparrow (Male) Snow Bunting (Female)
Common Pheasant * (Male) House Sparrow (Female) Song Thrush
Common Pheasant (Female) Jackdaw Spotted Flycatcher
Common Pochard (Male) Jay Spotted Redshank
Common Quail * Lesser Black-backed Gull Spruce Siskin (Male)
Common Raven * Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Male) Spruce Siskin (Female)
Common Redshank Linnet * (Male) Swallow
Common Redstart (Male) Linnet * (Female) Tufted Duck (Male)
Common Redstart (Female) Little Bittern Tufted Duck (Female)
Common Sandpiper Little Egret Tundra Bean Goose *
Common Shelduck * (Male) Little Grebe Tundra Swan *
Common Shelduck * (Female) Little Owl Water Rail
Common Snipe Little Ringed Plover * Western Curlew
Common Starling Long-eared Owl Western Greenfinch (Male)
Common Tern Long-tailed Tit Western Greenfinch * (Female)
Crested Tit Mallard (Male) Western Marsh Harrier (Female)
Dunnock Mallard (Female) White Spoonbill
Egyptian Goose Meadow Pipit White Stork
Eider (Male) Mew Gull White-fronted Goose
Eider * (Female) Middle-spotted Woodpecker White-throated Dipper
Eurasian Bittern Moorhen Whitethroat (Male)
Eurasian Buzzard Muscovy Duck (Male) Whitethroat (Female)
Eurasian Cuckoo (Male) Mute Swan Whooper Swan *
Eurasian Goldfinch Nankeen Night Heron Willow Tit
Eurasian Nuthatch Nighthingale * Willow Warbler
Eurasian Sky Lark Northern Bullfinch (Male) Winchat (Male)
Eurasian Tawny Owl * Northern Bullfinch (Female) Winchat (Female)
Eurasian Tree Sparrow Northern Eagle Owl Winter Wren
European Nightjar (Female) Northern Gannet Wood Pigeon
European Robin Northern Goshawk * Yellow Wagtail (Male)
European Stonechat (Male) Northern Lapwing Yellow Wagtail (Female)
European Stonechat (Female) Northern Pintail * (Male) Yellowhammer * (Male)
European Wigeon * (Male) Northern Shoveller * (Male) Yellowhammer * (Female)
Feral Rock Pigeon * Northern Shoveller (Female)  
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